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About Us

About Us

Safe Site for Promotion and Sale of Machineries and Equipments Online
Our main office is located in the United States



We are a group of entrepreneurs with a lot of experience in the business of heavy machinery in the United States. We have made available to our Hispanic customers our experience and knowledge to offer an electronic platform for the promotion and sale of machinery and equipment for construction, agricultural and industrial use.
Our headquarters is located in Rock Hill, SC U.S.A.



By paying a monthly subscription, any dealer and small contractors can offer their machinery and equipment for promotion and sale on our platform. The business is direct between buyer and seller. We are offering secure channels to facilitate communication between the parties. We guarantee the best alternatives to buy machinery in United States.

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We offer to potential customer a technology service platform that operates online from anywhere in the world. Our site allows the exchange of information between buyers and suppliers. We can also locate the most responsible transport service providers for the shipment of machinery and equipment to any place.

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Busca una maquinaria?

Nosotros te podemos ayudar. Solicita tu maquinaria de construcción, agrícola o de uso industrial. Plantas de procesamiento. Motores, Generadores.

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Quieres vender una maquinaria?

En zonapesada te podemos ayudar. Promociona tus maquinarias y equipos entre millones de compradores Hispanos en Estados Unidos, Latinoamerica y el Caribe.